1. A few things:

    1. “Hi, my name is Kevin Spacey. In this movie, I’ll be playing Gene Hackman!”

    2. Routh looks way too wussy to be the Man of Steel. At least Christopher Reeve looked like….well, a man.

    3. Lois Lane has a kid? WTF?

  2. Yeah, where did the kid come from?

    Looks interesting. I thought Nicolas Cage was supposed to play the new Superman? Guess not.

    Kevin Spacey will make a great Gene Hackman.

  3. Everything looks good… except the cast.

    All the fancy CGI in the world doesnt change the fact that Brandon SUCK as Superman.

  4. It’s possible he’s trying to out-Hackman Hackman. At any rate, his role looks like it ought to be over-the-top and entertaining. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed about the rest of the film.

    I’m really hoping Routh surprises everyone, but he so does not look the part. He looks okay as Clark Kent — and would even as a very young Superman — but this is supposed to be an older, world-weary, returning-after-years-away Superman. This trailer doesn’t make Routh look any less ridiculous in the costume.

    Interesting (but hardly unexpected) that they’re using the theme music from the earlier films. In a lot of ways, that music *is* Superman.

  5. My favorite rendition of Lex Luthor is the one from the cartoons on the Cartoon Network. He started as a diabolical robber baron, and has turned into a supervillain – but he was never campy, was always serious, and could be plainly seen as a threat to Supes.

    But nothing, NOTHING beats “Batman the Animated Series.” I just watched the first R’as al-Ghul episode on Youtube. Great, great show.

  6. I thought all of the first Superman movies stunk. I have few hopes that this new franchise will be better. Of course I’m a sci-fi buff, not a fantasy buff. Until somebody cooks up a good explenation of how Superman does what he does, I’ll stick to the Harry Potter franchise’s magic wands as better explenation of magic than Superman.

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