1. I get people with those things all the time. I’m just waiting to give someone a heart attack, like that Steelers fan who had one when Jerome Bettis fumbled in the Indianapolis game.

  2. I sent a few people the “real ghost shows up in car commercial” one, and I can only hope at least one of them had this reaction. I wonder if she just loves her coworkers for doing that to her and then posting it to the internet.

  3. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person who finds practical jokes not funny at all even if I’m not the one being humiliated XP

  4. That one was good. Still like the kid version but just because he hits the screen a few times.

    XP, I’m sure there are others who take no joy in practical jokes.

  5. I hate those things. A “friend” sent me one and I cursed him out. I had a very bad reaction, and shook for a few minutes…

  6. Hey, if thousands of us can get enormous pleasure out of one very briefly tortured child, isn’t the world a better place because of it?

    Heck, even the “poor” child may come to appreciate this moment of humiliating fame over the years. I know I would.

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