1. In one phrase, the reciprocal relation between desire and control.

    Heh, I had the ’64 Grove Press edition. When I brought it home after my frosh year in college, my father confiscated it and threw it away! Said he couldn’t control what I read at school but he wasn’t having any porn in his house.

    Laika would have bit his leg.

  2. I’ve only seen the movie, and it was a hoot! Right up there with a Salvador Dali painting! I’ll have to read the book…

  3. I’ve read the book as well. Pretty good. Weird though, but I take it that was the point.

    I made my then girlfriend (now wife) watch the movie. This was after making her watch Deliverance as well… LOL!

    The centipedes are getting downright arrogant.

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