1. Funny how Ray and Kirk keep suggesting that when witnessing- one not approach the “non-saved” with an “arrogant and condescending” manner. Not only did I find them completely arrogant and condescending but also manipulative, judgemental and utterly out of touch with contemporary society. IDIOTS! This is just so sad (and yet oddly entertaining)- I couldn’t laugh. I did laugh at a show called “Bible Man” though- it’s producer and star was Willy Ames from “Eight Is Enough” fame. If you want to see some real christian drivel- look it up (I found a VHS copy in an Austin TX. Salvation Army). You will be amazed…

  2. The only distinction they draw between themselves and the likes of Phelps is tactfulness. Sick. Also, why does the email toward the end get effeminate narration?

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