The Ghostly Salt City Beneath Detroit


Like a Jules Verne fantasy, a ghostly city with its own network of four lane highways lies deep beneath the industrial heart of Detroit, its crystalline walls glittering and gleaming in the flickering light. It is a world of no night or day. It is a world of salt.

This gigantic salt mine, 1,200 feet beneath the surface, spreads out over more than 1,400 acres with 50 miles of roads. It lies underneath Dearborn’s Rouge complex , much of Melvindale and the north end of Allen Park. The mine shaft opening is in Detroit.

The International Salt Mine Company operated the mines until 1983, when falling salt prices brought a halt to production.

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  1. I live just outside of Detroit and amazingly a lot of locals don’t know anything about the salt mines. I’ve mentioned them more than a few times over the years and every time I’m greeted with a look of confusion. People don’t realize that we live on top of salt mines. It’s really cool though…except the rust on my car as a result from the over-salting of the roads.

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