1. I worked with a guy from India for a while who described the craziness of the road’s he travelled to get to work. He rode a motorbike like most of the travellers seen in the video as there are nimbler and can get through traffic easier. But to be honest it doesn’t look much worse than the streets of boston. There is one rule in boston I found and that’s if you can get away with it, it’s legal. Pretty much the same in India from the look of it.

  2. I’ve been in Sri Lanka, which seems to have about the same level of traffic chaos… although once you’ve been in it enough, it appears perfectly civilized. Over two weeks of rural and city driving alike, I experienced no road rage and generally very courteous drivers (can’t remember any accidents either).

    Also, the honking you hear… in my experience, it’s used pragmatically rather than emotionally; i.e., cars will honk to let others know where they are or what they intend to do. Completely different attitude than of drivers in the U.S.

  3. It’s similar on the driving circles in Paris. No lines on the road, only a handful of traffic lights, and lots more cars. Amazingly, no accidents there either.

  4. I’m with Mike. The Dominican Republic is the same way. It’s generally whoever is biggest has right of way. Notice how only 1 or 2 buses got stopped? Who is gonna pull out in front of a bus?

  5. I must say though, while seemingly crazy to those outside, it also brings out the best in drivers, since you have to have the spirit of giving way. Otherwise, one would not be on the road for very long. Reminds me of the roundabouts in England.

  6. Yah but I bet you they get into less accidents then in the US. Seriously, most people in the US, dont know how to drive.

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