Prison Stats

Seven tenths of a percent of America is behind bars. That doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, that is actually more than 2 million people. And get this: prisoners in China are only .118 percent of the total population, while Brazil locks up only .183 percent of its citizens.


  1. I’ve never touched marijuana in my life, but I find it hard to believe that its effects are any greater than alcohol. And given the way people abuse alcohol in this country, alcohol might be worse.

    Legalize Mary Jane, tax it, make some money, and you don’t have to worry about these frivolous prisoners.

    The hard stuff, though? Simple! Simply shoot all drug dealers on sight!

  2. Move to Canada.
    We’re headed in that direction.
    When they ban cigarettes, they’ll need something to charge 82% tax on, and weed is the ticket.
    We’ve already decriminalized it, terminally ill patients are allowed to grow it, smoke it and buy it…it’s only a matter of time.

  3. China sounds like a wonderful place to live!

    Come on! Yes, the United States is filling its prisons to the brim but by many standards they are treating the prisoners pretty well compared to other countries.

    Here’s another Chinese fact for you: 17 percent (75.87 million people of 1.3 billion) of the rural population remained impoverished or living between 668 yuan (US$81) and 924 yuan (US$112) [per year]. [source]

    And get this: in the U.S. 12.7 people live below the official poverty line which is over US$17,000 (140,182 yuan).

    And as far as dropping the War on Drugs: there will ALWAYS be a black market for drugs. There are a lot of prescription drugs peddled on the BM because they are easy to move.

  4. Take the Amsterdam route and legalize it with some minor restrictions. Then, remove the alcohol age limit so life is more like Europe. Of course, there’s going to be a ton of alcohol related deaths for a while after that, but once the country’s teenagers and drug users get the, “Look how cool and adult I’m being. I can make my own decisions and be responsible.”, crap out of their system, and all the heard-thinners die off in drinking games and driving, the country will be better off.

  5. I think you should lower the alcohol age limit. Isn’t it 21 in most states? Here in Finland we have 18 (21 if its more than 20%) and I think it’s better because a lot of youngsters take alcohol instead of drugs when it’s legal for them.
    And yes alcoholism is a big problem in our country but I don’t think it would be solved by a 21 year age limit.

  6. The thing everyone seems to have missed is it’s very easy to grow wacky weed and thus no tax. Alcohol can be brewed but it’s difficult. Growing a plant in comparison is a piece of cake.

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