AOL Caught Blocking Critical E-Mails


America Online on Wednesday apparently began blocking e-mail on its servers containing the Web address of a petition against the company’s upcoming certified-mail program, an issue the company called a “glitch.”

The Internet service provider, which has roughly 20 million subscribers in the United States, began bouncing e-mail communications with the URL “” sometime late Wednesday and continuing through Thursday.

A e-mail sent by CNET to an address and containing the URL “” bounced back on Thursday afternoon with a system administrator note that read: “The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason.”

AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham said late Thursday that AOL e-mails mentioning would now be delivered as normal. The issue, he said, arose late Wednesday because of a software glitch that “affected dozens of Web links in messages,” including the

The shocking thing in the article to me is that AOL still has 20 million subscribers.


  1. “But their (AOL and Yahoo) endorsement of GoodMail’s system immediately spurred outcry from groups like, the AFL-CIO, Gun Owners of America and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which formed the coalition”

    Whoa! Talk about strange bedfellows.

    It’s what I like about AOL. They manage to unite so many different people in the common cause of despising them.

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