1. hahaha! I love a good satire! Imagine even the thought of a sequel to Titanic! hahahahaha!!!

    oh…you say it’s actually true?

  2. ke fuerrrrte ke fuerrrrte ke fuerrrrrte jajaja no me lo puedo creer, esto rompe todos mis eskemas… han roto mi infancia…akella pelicula ke vi siendo niña… nooooo no podre dormirrrr ni vivirrrrr jajajajajaja

  3. a ver, que es un fake!! que son capturas de otras pelis y las han montao. Por cierto, el que se lo ha currao es un fenomeno!!

  4. Que mierda de película sería si fuese verdad!! que bueno que la estupides hollywoodense aun no llega a esas cosas…. Buen Fake, el que lo hizo debe tener mucho tiempo libre, jajaja, totalmente creíble, con lo único que me confirmé que era falso es cuando salió una escena de leonardo di caprio disparando de romeo y julieta.

  5. Is this true that there is going to be a TITANIC Sequel if so please someone please leave a comment on this page I’ll cheak back later to get the right answer.

  6. If you go to YouTube and look down a bit at the information the uploader gave, it says: ” Fake trailer of the sequel to Titanic. You can download it by going to the link on my profile. Enjoy!”

    I really don’t think Hollywood would be a dumb enough to make a hideously lame sequel, such as this, to one of the best movies of all time.

  7. How this on another website:

    “Just to let you know….

    ~ The scene where he’s being transported in the block of ice is from “Iceman”.
    ~ The scene with Sam Elliott and Jennifer Connoly is from “The Hulk”.
    ~ The scene when they first come up on the bow of the ship is from “Ghost Ship”.
    ~ The scene when they enter the “warm goo phase” is from “Austin Powers”.
    ~ The scene where he’s escaping the prison and crawling through the tunnel is from “The Shawshank Redemption”.
    ~ The scene where John Cusack says they don’t have a contingency plan is from “Con Air”.
    ~ The scene where the army officer is talking to Jamie Lee Curtis is from “Forever Young”.

    And there are other scenes that I can’t peg…like any of the other ones with Leo in them, because I haven’t seen any of his films besides “Titanic”, “Gangs of New York” and “Man In The Iron Mask”.

    So if anyone can name them….go for it! “

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