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The instant we admit that a book is too sacred to be doubted, or even reasoned about, we are mental serfs. It is infinitely absurd to suppose that a god would Address a communication to intelligent beings, and yet make it a crime, to be punished in eternal flames, for them to use their intelligence for the purpose of understanding his communication. If we have the right to use our reason, we certainly have the right to act in accordance with it, and no god can have the right to punish us for such action.

— Robert Green Ingersoll, “The Gods” (1872)

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  1. You know, he’s 100% correct. We are the only creation given the gift of reason and it is not wrong to question, study or interpret the bible. There was a time when when it was thought that the common man should not even read the bible.

    Any man who tells another he is going to hell is the one committing the wrong. Today however, being able to look back on our inhumanity to each other throughout our history of genocide, slavery, religious persecution etc., we should be treating one another with tolerance and kindness.

    It is my belief that it is wrong to deny the exsistance of God and worse yet to spread that message. This however, does not give me the right to persecute, ridicule or ostrisize those commiting that wrong.

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