Scientology Training Routines

The Scientology Training Routines, or TRs, are done on what Scientologists call “the gradient”. The claim is that information should not be presented until the student is ready to understand the information. In this way, knowledge is presented in bite-sized pieces that won’t cause the student (or “Mark” as The Rev. Dennis Erlich is prone to say) to “blow”, or leave the training session.

In reality, the “gradient” is designed to place increasing levels of thought conditioning into the student. At the earliest level, OT TR0, nothing is asked of the student and the gradient position is zero. New concepts, controls, and conditioning are applied in increasing levels as the student gains higher levels within the Scientology system. The end-effect of these exercises (or processes, as Scientology refers to them) is to neutralize the student’s critical faculties and render them prone to suggestion as they engage in further training or auditing.

Precise Modeling


Fully scratch built, this model took just over 15 years (8000-10,000 hours) to complete. Begun in Kiev (Ukraine), in 1986 this masterpiece was profoundly difficult to construct due to the extreme scarcity of information on it. In 1986 the Mil-24 was still a top secret piece of military equipment. A set of blueprints was ultimately obtained from the manufacturer and over 1000 photographs were used to ensure complete accuracy in the reproduction….

Over 100,000 parts were used in this model, many of them fabricated under a microscope to ensure accuracy. Most of the tools used in construction were custom made specifically for this one modeling project.

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Racial Profiling With Google


1) First I entered the following phrases into Google’s search engine: “white people are known for”, “black people are known for”, “Asian people are known for”, etc…
2) Next I recorded what came after the “are know for” in Google’s search results*.
3) Lastly I took note of the top eight Images that appeared when I searched Google’s Image data-base for “black people”, “white people”, etc… Just for the heck of it, I also did the same for “humans” and “orcs” (see below).

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The 40W Basement Laser


…but when it comes to acquiring lasers, the most exciting thing I’ve been able to get my hands on was a green Laser Pointer, and even then I thought that it was too expensive and not worth buying.
Until now… Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Plans and Kits Unlimited, PowerLabs now has a sealed 40Watt CO2 Laser tube at its disposal. CO2 lasers are amongst the most powerful lasers in use today, and find applications in cutting, engraving, drilling and various medical uses. A 40 watt beam should be powerful enough to start a fire many tens of meters away, for example.

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