1. I have a cat that does the exact same thing. We live in an area where there’s a lot of woodland around, which means a lot of wildlife – but our cats are indoor cats. So, when it’s nice, we’ll put a chair by the side door so they can sit there and watch the chipmunks and birds and squirrels. The female chirps at them, jumps off the chair, runs to the other side of the house as if chasing them…then returns to the chair.

    You can also induce the chirp by showing her a rubber band. She loves chasing those things.

  2. I read a book on cats that explained that chirping noise. When a cat catches an animal in its mouth, its jaws start snapping up and down to break the animal’s neck. So when a cat is doing that oh-so-adorable chirping thing, it’s really just thinking about snapping little bird necks.

  3. When I played this my cat came into the room, sat stock still, perked up her ears and when it was over, very slowly crept away. Now she’s back and has been staring at me for the last twenty minutes.
    I do NOT like the looks of this.

  4. My cat does this when she sees a bird sitting outside and always assumed it was some sort of a “bird call”, but it sounds like Humuhumu is probably right. From the Wikipedia:

    “Cats are also known to make chirping or chattering noises when observing prey, or as a means of expressing interest in an object to nearby humans. When directed at out-of-reach prey, it is unknown whether this is a threatening sound, an expression of frustration, or an attempt to replicate a birdcall (or replicate the call of a bird’s prey, for example a cicada). Recent animal behaviorists have come to believe this noise is a “rehearsal behavior” in which it anticipates or practices the killing of prey, because the sound usually accompanies a jaw movement similar to the one they use to kill their prey (the “killing bite” which saws through the victim’s neck vertebrae).”

  5. have 2 cats (long story 🙂 ), always had cats in the fam, I’ve seen this behavior quite a bit. every time it happens they’re stalking something… couple of times I was like, wth as I didn’t see what they were after… but when I checked the room out, they were stalking a moth or mosquito almost like a pointer on a pheasant.

    no bugs in the house ever btw (seriously)… I’ve seen them stalk like that 30 minutes or more waiting to get a shot. think it’s the little one that gets em all, she’s deadly. the 20lb tabby, he puts in an effort but none too graceful.

  6. Jebus, what is wrong with you? Over 18.93% of your posts are about cats. Stop pointing out that cats do silly things- it is offensive.

    (Brought to you by the letter ‘s’ for sarcasm)

  7. Cyn-a-kitty’s thinking; “Hmmmm, if I could only trick it into thinking I’m one of it’s kind, it’d go nice with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”

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