Ernest Angley and the road to Hell


Another example of such mind-blowing stupidity done in the name of god.

The sign is everywhere, and where there is no sign, there are smiling people in yellow t-shirts handing out flyers. Nothing since I have been here has been so well advertised as this.

In a country where fighting misinformation is a major part of the battle against HIV/AIDS, I am not sure these crusaders have picked the right side.

The sad thing is, I don’t even think they are ill-intentioned. I am willing to bet Angley and his gang are here at a loss, funded by their church in Ohio. It’s not a scam: they really believe in what they are dispensing. (Though I bet their home church in Ohio is not doing too shabbily…) No matter how many people show up to a crusade in Maseru, an offering plate passed among the poor here is not going to make a dent in the airfare or hotel budget of Angley and his friends.

On the other hand, those few dollars thrown into the offering plate probably are the school fees of a child, or at least somebody’s dinner. Picture it: the poor throwing their livelihoods into a pot to finance wealthy preachers on their world tours. What a reversal of the message of Christ!

Of course, the worst of it is that last line on the advert: AIDS and Other Death Diseases Healed! They clearly have not thought about the irresponsibility of claiming to cure AIDS. Rather, somebody had the idea, “AIDS is a big problem in Africa, I bet that would be a real hook!”

If you want a free healing you can go to the reverend’s website:

Do you need a miracle or healing? You can have a miracle; you can have a healing today. Untold multitudes have been healed as they put their hand against mine on the screen.
You can have your deliverance. This is just a point of contact. I am not a healer; Jesus is
the Healer. He said a believer would lay hands on the sick and they would get well. I am God’s believer, endowed with His precious gifts to bring healing to the people.

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  1. Nothing’s worse than Benny Hinn. On the Daily Show last night, they were showing clips of him whapping people with his suit coat….and of course they all dutifully crumbled to the ground, miraculously “cured.”

    Benny Hinn isn’t scary – but the fact that he has a following is. And when you see those arenas jam-packed with people, it’s extremely frightening to know that there are that many lunatics running amok in this society.

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