Discovered: the missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

And we never heard about Intelligent Design again:

Scientists have made one of the most important fossil finds in history: a missing link between fish and land animals, showing how creatures first walked out of the water and on to dry land more than 375m years ago.

Palaeontologists have said that the find, a crocodile-like animal called the Tiktaalik roseae and described today in the journal Nature, could become an icon of evolution in action – like Archaeopteryx, the famous fossil that bridged the gap between reptiles and birds.

As such, it will be a blow to proponents of intelligent design, who claim that the many gaps in the fossil record show evidence of some higher power.

So to sum it up in a nutshell, biologists have physical evidence in the form of numerous fossils showing exactly how species evolved and adapted over millions of years.

What do the people who believe in intelligent design have for physical evidence? Jack Chick cartoons.