White Rose


White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a World War II resistance group in Germany that called for nonviolent resistance against the Nazi regime.

The White Rose consisted of five students, all in their early twenties, at Munich University. Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie led the rest of the group, including Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf. They were joined by a professor, Kurt Huber, who drafted the final two leaflets. All six members of this group were arrested, tried, convicted, and executed by beheading.

The group of Munich students prepared and distributed six leaflets between June 1942 to February 1943. A seventh leaflet was found in possession of the students at the time of their arrest by the Gestapo.

Libertarian Quotes

1,313 quotes to be exact.

Truth is not determined by majority vote. – Doug Gwyn

War does not determine who is right–only who is left. – Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), English Philosopher, Author, 1950 Nobel Prize-Winner in Literature

I’d rather live free with some peril than be a protected slave of government. – Dave Duffy

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian. – Robert Orben

The First Church of Xenu


Finally, a church I can get behind.

We, the First Church of Xenu and its many associates, are dedicated to exposing the lies regarding our Dark Lord and Master, Xenu Etrawl. For many years, dissenters from the Dark Lord have claimed that he is a villain, tyrant, and terrorist. However, these statements are false!

Xenu was a benevolent ruler, with only the best interests of the Galactic Confederacy in mind. Seventy-five million years ago, the Confederacy was in an awful state of affairs. Gross overpopulation threatened to destroy the already fragile ecosystems and economies of many planets in the Galactic Confederacy, and Xenu knew that he had to do something. He could stand idly by and watch the planets destroy themselves, or he could take action. Thankfully, our Dark Lord knew what he had to do.

Top Ten Female Streakers

YesButNoButYes has a list of the ten best female streakers of all time. And yes, there are pictures so no, it isn’t worksafe.

But while no-one – male or female – probably gives a damn about seeing male dangly bits jogging across a tennis court, I thought there might be a little more interest in a Hall of Fame for the great female streakers to grace our sporting arenas.