Questions For God

The Ethical Atheist has a few questions.

Next to each question below, you will find a link to the answer(s) we’ve received for that question. We’ve grown tired of refuting answers, so we present the answers from the religious without rebuttal. In our opinion, the questions still stand because the answers are unsatisfactory.


  1. A response to #10 (Thou shalt not kill)

    …Or it was piggy backed onto a more important commandment and got through committie on accident…


  2. All those questions are pretty easy to answer.
    Many are really ridiculous.
    Any in particular you’d like to hear?

  3. By all means no. 🙂

    They are simply easy answers. There is alot of them and I was wondering if any of them perplexed you more than another, I can offer what I believe to be the answer.

  4. 40) Why do we find evidence of all the creatures that lived before us, yet most of them are not mentioned by you? And, why do we not find evidence of some of the species you mention in the Bible like fiery serpents or giants that towered over us like we were grasshoppers?

  5. Giraffes and cockroaches are never mentioned. Does this negate their existance or the truth of the bible? No, not at all.

    The bible was never meant to be a natural history book. Anyone who uses it for that is misusing it. What it is, is a book about us and our relationship with God. It has always seemed to me that the language in the bible progresses from sounding like it was written for children, then adolecents and finally adults in the new testament. The creation story was written in the only way we could understand at the time. The point is that all life was created by God. We were given dominion over and responsibility for the animals. Where do dinosaurs fit in? They don’t. So why mention them. Certainly they exsisted, but they have no bearing on man’s relationship with man or God.

  6. The old testament is for children and the new testament for adults? Dude, are you implying that Jewish people are infantile?

  7. Xerxes… just stop. Don’t say another word. Can’t you see that you’re just adding to the stereotype that Christians are total idiots that don’t know what they’re talking about? With answers like that, Christians are viewed the same way as someone that reads an article about cancer in Time Magazine and suddenly acts like they know just as much as doctors about cancer treatment.

  8. Xerxes said: “The creation story was written in the only way we could understand at the time.”

    When does “at the time” take place?

  9. I am implying that humanity has been infantile.

    I believe Moses was the author of Genesis.

    Why can’t evolution and creation coexsist?

    and Furnace, What was wrong with that answer? If you’re going to call me a total idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, back up your statement.

  10. I didn’t call you an idiot… just that your answer is perpetuating the stereotype that Christians will say anything to defend their beliefs, including making personal assumptions and using them in an argument.

    1) “Where do dinosaurs fit in? They don’t. So why mention them.” –There are plenty of descriptions of animals in the Bible that fit the description of dinosaurs. A quick search in Google brought up this link: I didn’t read the whole thing, but it has the Books and Chapters listed, so anyone is welcome to do the research themselves.

    2) “The creation story was written in the only way we could understand at the time.” –First, any religious argument using an English translation of the Bible is a waste of time. Take a quick peek at to find hundreds of examples why translating anything can have a drastic effect on the message. The pictures and text on that site are primarily Japanese–>English translations, and this is the 21st century where communication with anyone is possible, yet here are plenty of errors to view. Unless someone reads and speaks fluent Hebrew, their opinions on the messages of the Bible are less than valid.

    Here’s a great example:
    The very, very first lines the English version says God created Heaven and Earth. Then he said, “Let there be light.” As I recall from Sunday School, people are being taught God made Heaven, Earth, and Light.

    In the Hebrew version, the context defines these objects/places as Space, Matter, and Light… E=mc^2. Creation sounds a lot more credible that way.

    3)”Why can’t evolution and creation coexsist?” –Because the origin of life by evolutionary rules contradicts the origin of life by Biblical descriptions. Without even getting into astrological details, God created birds, then ocean life, then beasts such as cattle. There isn’t a happy medium where “evolution was God’s method of creating everything.”

    On a final note, without even going into my personal religious beliefs, I don’t believe for one second that evolution is true in any form. Natural Selection, yes… but creatures changing into new species with the help of billions of years… no way. Entropy is king. EVERYTHING decays. There is nothing that gets more organized with time. As far as I’m concerned, Intelligent Design is the only thing that really makes sense to me.

  11. Furnace, it sounds like you have a much better education than I. You bring up excellent points.

    It really doesn’t matter however, HOW God went about creating the universe, only that he did and entropy is an excellent argument to that end. People could argue those “how” points til the end of time.

    The bible was not written to describe our natural history.

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