How To Clean a Horse’s Sheath

This is just a little less scary than the how to survive prison manual.

Remember that it would be most unladylike of you to simply make a direct grab for your horse’s Part. Give the horse a clue about what’s on the program. Rest your hand against his belly, and then slide it back til you are entering The Home of the Actual Private Part. When you reach this first region of your destination, lube him up good with Excalibur or whatever you’re using.

If the outer part of his sheath is really grungy you will feel little clods and nubblies of smegma peeling off as you grope around in there. Patiently and gently expedite their removal.

5) Thus far, you have probably only been in the outer part of the sheath. The Part Itself, you’ll have noticed, is strangely absent. That’s because it has retired shyly to its inner chambers. Roll up them thar sleeves and follow in after it.



  1. um… i vote more scary. i read the prison manual, I couldn’t make myself even click on this link. if horse owners/lovers have to deal with this regularly, i bow before thee. that’s committment… and a visual I wish I hadn’t experienced šŸ™‚

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