Image of Jesus’ crucifixion may be wrong, says study


Their crucifixion methods probably evolved over time and depended on the social status of the victim and on the crime he allegedly committed, says the paper in April’s issue of the RSM journal.

The cross could be erected “in any one of a range of orientations”, with the victim sometimes head-up, sometimes head-down or in different postures.

Sometimes he was nailed to the cross by his genitals, sometimes the hands and feet were attached to the side of the cross and not the front, or affixed with cords rather than nails.

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  1. This is not new information. Did we all not know that the Romans crucified people in different positions? If I remember correctly, St. Paul was crucified upside down, no?

  2. “The image of the crucifixion, one of the most powerful emblems of Christianity, may be quite erroneous, according to a study which says there is no evidence to prove Jesus was crucified in this manner.”

    I think much more than just how he was cruicifed can be considered erroneous.

  3. Yeah, the specific dates of Christmas and Easter, Adam and Eve as two or many people, world created in 7 days or 7,000,000 years, all of which disprove the exsistance of God.

    I wonder. Does an atheist believe in spirits of any kind? Ghosts? Paranormal? Are we anything but an organized congomeration of chemical compounds?

  4. Forgive me- I really don’t want to provoke a flame fest, but aren’t a number of elements in, probably Catholicism mostly, but Christianity in general adopted of things like Celtic tradition?

  5. Yes, christianity incorporated many pagan celebrations and made them christian in order to convert europeans to the faith.

  6. Athiest may believe whatever they wan’t. They just don’t believe in a biblical fable. I’m sure there are those who would believe in ghost, however I suspect most would be more skeptical in most cases.

  7. My point with the ghost question, xoastica, was to find out what most atheists believe about spirituality in general.

    I am interested in what turns a person from being simply atheist into anti religion. If it is the actions of a few wackos, than whats the difference between an atheist who wants to ban religion and a religious who wants to force their religion on others?

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