The FCC’s Indecency Ruling Roundup

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog dissects the FCC’s recent ruling on what is obscene and the fines that were handed out. They also have the pdfs of the rulings online which are entertaining if you have the time to read through some of them.

It finally happened, folks! The FCC has just released a steamy batch of decisions concerning alleged cases of indecency on television. After cooking in the ever-efficient bureaucratic easy-bake for up to 4 years, the feds made up their minds regarding pending TV complaints at long last.

We urge you to thumb through the decisions (and footnotes for added comic relief): 2004 Superbowl Halftime (aka nipplegate) | Without a Trace | Batch Decisions (aka Omnibus, including The Surreal Life 2, Billboard Music Awards, The Blues: Godfathers and Sons, The Simpsons, etc.), so that you can laugh along with us. Then cry. Here’s a wrap-up of what the FCC’s been discussing for the past year or so (your tax dollars at work)…

Not OK
– Simulated teen sex and making out (no nudity) between hetero couples, girl in bra and panties engaged in implied group sex, all during a flashback segment for a rape investigation (Without A Trace, CBS). Pricetag: $3.6 million! Because teens don’t have sex. Or get raped. Ever.

– Split-second of exposed nipple (2004 Super Bowl, CBS). Pricetag: $550,000!

– Pixelated breasts, the kissing of pixelated breasts, spanking, pixelated nude women, and Ron Jeremy’s mere presence (The Surreal Life 2, Pool Party Episode, WB). Pricetag: $27,500.

– Non-nude rape scene (Con El Corazon En La Mano, Telemundo). Pricetag: $32,500.