1. Chris

    I get it. You hate America. You’re not the first and won’t be the last. You should at least respect those who do love America and not make silly remarks. I’m not a Fox News Conservative who will tell you that you’ll burn in Hell etc, I’m just a guy who has faith in my president. You believe what you want to, I’ll believe what I want to. The more sites you put up that espouse a militant liberal view just makes you start looking like an America-hater. While a liberal of any stripe may feel empowered because of their faith in Bill and Hillary, their world view becomes more and more narrow to possibilities and to the fact that others who hold differing views are right.

    This is your site and therefore your decision to publish whatever you want. I just thought that I’d send you my thoughts on the subject.

    Sorry Stephen- its just good fun 😛

  2. Allow this old timey conservative to reminisce about the days when militant liberalism consisted of things like waging foreign wars to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ and running up astronomical amounts of govt debt.

    And massive wiretapping and spying on Americans was considered downright communistic.

  3. I live in a country whose government is regularly criticised by other countries across the globe. It’s people pilliaried and made to feel unwelcome in other countries and is reaping the rewards of hundreds of years of dishing out oppression to other nations. Our own press regularly attack the current government and we’re made to feel unwelcome at every sporting event…


    not easy being English.

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