Dressing Room / Hotel Requirements for Mary J. Blige

I am always fascinated by this stuff.

MARCH 6–If you’re considering booking Mary J. Blige for a concert or TV appearance, be prepared to make a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s because the 35-year-old R&B singer’s performance contract stipulates that her dressing room include a “private toilet (with new toilet seat).” According to her current concert rider, an excerpt of which you’ll find below, Blige also requires, among other things, six cans of “Schweeps Ginger Ale,” Aveda candles, and a tub of Red Vine licorice.


  1. Well, I see “saucer’s”, which is supposedly a plural for “saucer”, I see “serated” and I see “pairing” (as in knife). Now, if only they paid as much attention to spelling as they do to room aarangements…

    /grammar nazi off

  2. What, no Mr. Pibb with those Red Vines? Crazy!

    I saw Van Halen “Behind the Music” once (yeah, I know) and the discussion about their rider was actually very interesting, if probably revisionist. They claimed that the reason they put that bit in about the M&Ms (I think it was that there had to be a bowl of M&M’s with all the brown candies removed) was that they had a very complicated setup with pyrotechnics and lots of safety requirements, and if they arrived and there weren’t M&Ms in their dressing room, or if there were brown M&Ms in the bowl, then everything else, including the safety requirements, probably wasn’t up to snuff either, so they would refuse to perform.

  3. If you’re thinking of booking HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the royal bottom requires white kidskin toilet seats no less. Most thoughtfully she always takes her own.

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