1. Some times, when an asshole’s tailgaiting me, even though I’m going over the speed limit anyway, I’ll keep pace with the car in the lane next to me, just to block the impatient driver behind me! πŸ˜€

  2. The kind of theoretically elegant but profoundly dangerous idea that you’d expect out of stupid-smart college kids. They were lucky that they didn’t get sideswiped by a shoulder passing redneck psychopath (aka SUV driver.)

  3. These idiot kids talk about the law and how they obey it but if they knew anything about driving rules they would know that driving in any passing lane is against the law. So whats the point, this further show Americans (and I am one) do not drive “right” and are clueless. If you were doing that in Germany you would have a Porsche going 150 mph rear ending you!.

  4. While I agree that you’re not supposed to be driving in the passing lane it’s become such an accepted thing in the USA that it’s not really even the sort of thing they teach in driver’s ed classes.

    On the other hand I absolutely love this. Speeders have always been one of my pet peeves. People who somehow feel that the rules shouldn’t have to apply to them and who flout the law in such a petty and self-serving manner. Finally having an opportunity to make them obey the goddamn law for once would be incredibly sweet.

  5. The biggest problem with this is that it doesn’t exactly prove the point that they wanted to prove: that the speed limit is unreasonably slow and that following the law is actually dangerous. It instead proves that a vast majority of drivers are irritable, aggressive people who obey the law selectively and largely based on a combination of how likely they are to be caught and what the punishment is if they are. Not exactly new territory. Rampant internet piracy has already proven pretty conclusively that if people can do something illegal and get away with it they won’t have any problem with it as long as they don’t feel like they’re directly hurting someone they sympathize with.

    Interesting to see this so close to the post on the Milgram experiment and how readily people obey authority.

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