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Welcome to the Old Fishing Lure. This site is being brought forth to help share the knowledge and information about collecting old and antique lures, vintage fishing tackle, rods, reels and other pieces of angling history. I personally believe our great hobby collecting the antique lure is filled with as much history as any other hobby or collectable out there.

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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters


This is an unbelievably exhaustive list. Most of the villains are surprisingly enough, either atheists or agnostics.

The emphasis of this page is on fictional characters who originated as comic book characters. Of course real-life people such as Pope John Paul II, St. Francis of Assisi, and Mother Teresa have been depicted in comic books (Marvel published one-shot comics about these prominent Catholics), but such people are not listed here. This page focuses on fictional comic book characters — mostly from Marvel and DC — who are adherents of real-world (not purely fictional) religions.

We want this page to be as accurate as possible, backed up by objective, published information and not based on conjecture. We do not want this listing to be slanted toward any particular denominational or religious viewpoint. It is intended to accurately report the composition of comic book character religiosity.

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