The Genesis Experiment



We need your help. We’re not asking for your money or information, only your thoughts. If you can participate in this thought experiment for a few seconds, or a few minutes, it may change the world.

This experiment, the Genesis Experiment, is based on a very simple concept: Physical life, in this dimension, is a concentrated bit of thought. Here is our hypothesis:

If millions of people concentrate on a small vial of water, a single-celled life form might be created. If this produces positive results, it will change our entire understanding of nature. Your participation is crucial.

We have a hermetically sealed vial of medical-quality sterile liquid water placed at an isolated location in North Carolina. We want you to think about this vial of liquid and visualize life teeming inside. We will then have this vial tested by a certified biologist. If life is found inside, the implications could be enormous.

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