The Conflict in Darfur Through Children’s Eyes


One of the saddest links I have posted.

We were running from the burning houses. Janjaweed and soldiers with guns and planes and bombs came, all together, quickly. They were shooting…my uncle was shot. I saw them taking women and girls away. All of us—my family—we were screaming and running from the Janjaweed to hide in the wadi [riverbed or oasis]…holding each other by the arms to keep together. Here in camp we are safe, but my father…he was lost.”

(via Robot Wisdom)

PDF Download Firefox Extension

My home computer can open pdf files without a problem but if I accidentally click on a link that opens as a pdf file on my work computer, it will spend the next 5 minutes trying to find enough spare memory to open it. I can’t be positive but once I think I saw smoke emitting from the back of the computer as it huffed and puffed to open one particularly pesky pdf document. This extension will solve that dilemma.