A Coder in Courierland

He made the smart move. Much better job security.

Even before Office Space, white collar workers peered out the window (if they were so lucky) and imagined a more romantic life doing real work out under the sun.

Well, having no children, no great career ambition and no financial obligations more pressing than a crippling student loan, a year and a half ago, I decided to live this dream.

I became a bicycle messenger and now I’m here to report back.

(via Kottke.org)

100 Favorite Fictional Characters

A good article from The Independent titled The 100 favourite fictional characters… as chosen by 100 literary luminaries. I am not sure how they skipped over Bokonon or Holden Caufield but I agree with Gerry from Backward’s City who picked Yossarian from Catch-22 as his favorite character. In fact, I picked up my well worn copy that I haven’t read in about 10 years for another go through. It really is one of the funniest books ever.

State of the Blog


The Good:
With a little less than a week left in March, it already has been another record breaking month here. (I didn’t add sitemeter until September which is why there are no numbers before then). It is always surprises me that this hobby has been able to get so much attention and I am always happy that people find the links I find to be interesting enough to keep coming back.

The Bad:
Increased popularity also means you end up with some freaky people sending you email or trolling your comment section. It amuses me how many people think that they are owed something whether it be more links (I once had someone comment that I didn’t have anything that interested him that day. I immediately sent him a refund of the $0.00 he paid for admission) or to use my comment section for their political agenda. I don’t have a tip jar and have removed my google ads from this blog so after paying my hosting company I am running this at a loss. I banned someone yesterday for being a dick and he immediately starting emailing me complaining. Um, you are always free to leave buddy. It will save some bandwidth for my non-psychotic readers.

The Ugly:
Spammers. Actually, my comment spam has been decreasing thanks to MT-Blacklist and MT-Close which closes my comments after two weeks.(Old comments were favorite targets of spam). The most interesting thing that is happening with spammers is that they are attempting to spam my suggest a link button on the left. I added the suggest a link form months ago which has been a nice addition. It is something I whipped up in a few minutes and really need to redo but for the time being it is functional. It just surprises me that spammers are using it. I am guessing they are doing it manually since it is a custom form. Do they really think I am going to post it? Just odd, but since spammers are the lowest form of life it really isn’t surprising.