Republicans Drunk With Power

And it is going to cost them.

An overwhelming 82 percent of the public believes the Congress and President should stay out of the matter. There is widespread cynicism about Congress’ motives for getting involved: 7 percent say Congress intervened to advance a political agenda, not because they cared what happened to Terri Schiavo. Public approval of Congress has suffered as a result; at 34 percent, it is the lowest it has been since 1997, dropping from 41 percent last month. Now at 43 percent, President Bush’s approval rating is also lower than it was a month ago.


Cryo-Pet is a revolutionary product that is truly unique to the pet industry. Our team of Scientists and Veternarians have spent over 10 years in development and testing.

For years Cryogenics has been a privledge available only to the wealthy. But now Cryo-Pet brings this miracle of science home to you! For the first time in history you will be able to save your favourite four legged companion for all of time.

Taxi Driver Then and Now


Often maniacally obsessed with Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film “Taxi Driver” (a film that I watch regularly and find weirdly therapeutic), it was during one of these therapy sessions that I shouted at the TV screen “Listen you screw heads… you shit heels…” …oops, I mean… I looked at the screen and said to myself “Hey that Variety theater is still there!” …and you know what? It is! So in February of 2004 I rode on my bike along 13th street (between 2nd and 3rd avenue), and the surrounding area, and took some photos of the specific locations that were used in those parts of the film.

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Boycott Fever Pitch Petition

Someone isn’t happy with Jimmy Fallon and the new movie Fever Pitch. I am soooo signing this.

Look at this guy. Does he look like a Red Sox fan? Well he must be, because he got to celebrate the first World Series win since 1918. About 20 seconds after euphoria, we all had to watch this clown prance around the field and act all silly. He took something away from our moment. Now we should take something away from him. Boycott Fever Pitch. The movie will be out soon and there is no need from anyone in Boston to see it. Curse Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore and all associated with this demonic film.

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I am so sick of the “What about the children?” morons. Parents are supposed to do the parenting not the government. That’s why they are called PARENTS!!

Utah’s governor signed a bill on Monday that would require Internet providers to block Web sites deemed pornographic and could also target e-mail providers and search engines.

The controversial legislation will create an official list of Web sites with publicly available material deemed “harmful to minors.” Internet providers in Utah must provide their customers with a way to disable access to sites on the list or face felony charges.

Technology companies had urged Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman not to sign the bill (click for PDF), saying it was constitutionally suspect and worded so vaguely its full impact is still unclear.

The measure, SB 260, says: “Upon request by a consumer, a service provider may not transmit material from a content provider site listed on the adult content registry.” A service provider is defined as any person or company who “provides an Internet access service to a consumer,” which could include everything from cable companies to universities, coffeeshops, and homes with open 802.11 wireless connections.

Mars Rover Catches Deimos Solar Transit


Too cool!

Turning their respective camera systems up into the martian sky, the robots have caught sight of the moons of Mars – Phobos and Deimos – scooting across the face of the Sun.

“We got four of the possible six Phobos and Deimos transits during this year’s “eclipse season” from the rover sites,” said Jim Bell of the Mars Exploration Rover Project at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

A recent photo shoot involved a transit of Deimos from the Spirit rover’s vantage point at Gusev Crater. Earlier sessions were all Phobos transits, Bell explained.

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