Solar Death Ray


How to build a solar death ray and a gallery of objects that have been used to test it.

The Solar Death Ray is made of 112 mirrors mounted on a platform 4 feet
wide and 6 feet tall. Each mirror is a square roughly 3.5 inches on edge. All
these mirrors focus the sun to a single spot 5 feet, 6 inches from the mirror
platform. A wooden fork extends from the mirror base to the area near the
focus and serves as a mounting point for Solar Death Ray targets. The
mirror platform is mounted to the support frame on a pivot that allows the
platform to be angled. The whole system is mounted on a set of wheels.

Minnesota Student Killer on Neo Nazi Forums

Only a few news sites have identified who the killer was but if this is correct then he was posting on a neo nazi message board last year. This link goes to the google cached page. Chilling.

Title: Native American Nationalists?
Post by Todesengel on Mar 19th, 2004, 12:09am Hello all.
My name is Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake “Indian” reservation in Minnesota. I’m interested in joining the group, as I support your ideals and even though I am young, I still want to join. What is the age requirement (if any)?

Title: Re: Native American Nationalists?
Post by Todesengel on May 26th, 2004, 2:27am
You encounter a lot of hostility when you claim to be a National Socialist, but because of my size and appearance people don’t give me as much trouble as they would if I looked weak. I already had a fist fight with a communist not to long ago over me being what I am (I also won), but it was worth it. I don’t try to hide what I am from anyone, if they’re going to start something over it then fine, I’m not backing down; Nor am I hiding. I try not to be aggressive in most situations, I’ll use force if I have to, but I’m not about to go out and pick a fight. I’m mostly defensive, I’ll defend myself if someone tries something but other than that I’m a peaceful person.

But the school threat passed and I was cleared as a suspect, I’m glad for that. I don’t much care for jail, I’ve never been there and I don’t plan on it.

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Pet Pillows


Jeanette’s Taxidermy proudly introduces Pet Pillows as
an alternative way to remember your pet. Each pet
pillow is hand made from the fur of your pet and made
into a pillow that you can display. On one side of
the pillow is your pet’s fur and the other side of the
pillow is your choice of fabric. These soft, huggable
pillows are a great way to enjoy your cherished pet
and is an inexpensive alternitave to taxidermy.

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God Detector


How many times have we heard it said, “Oh, Lord, give me a sign!” Alas, too often the reply is vague and ambiguous: the phone rings at an opportune time, a feather falls from out of the blue, a water stain appears that resembles a religious image. We all want to know if God exists; maybe He just needs a reliable method to let us know He’s here. The Yo-God God Detector gives God a way to send a simple, unambiguous message of His presence.

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