Send Me Pictures of Your Coffeemaker

I have got to see an abstract of this paper.

The purpose of this web page is to collect photos and ethnographic information for a graduate-level term paper at Western Kentucky University in Foodways during the Spring 2005 semester. The information recorded here will be used strictly for research purposes. Indeed no one save myself (George Ross) and my Professor (and even then, only if necessary) will have access to this data.

Imax ‘shuns films on evolution’


Several Imax cinemas in the US have refused to show films referring to the theory of evolution for fear of a religious backlash, it is reported.

Viewers at a US test screening judged films which contradicted religious descriptions of man’s origins as “blasphemous”, the New York Times said.

As a result science films were denied screenings in approximately 12 large-screen Imax cinemas.