How Many 5 Year Olds Could You Fight At Once

One of the more interesting (and funnier) discussions I have seen on the internet. Here is a taste:

i think this is absolutely key. this is the size of a basketball court, i just run around plowing them over a few at a time. i bet i could take 50. the limitations would be how long i could fight before getting really tired and just how densely packed they became. i think i could incapacitate 50 5 year olds in 10 minutes. once you start going past 50 though, running around without messing up a knee or ankle by tripping over their little broken bodies would be the biggest issue.

I think I could take no more than two dozen.

(via Waxy)


  1. By reading this I had this scene from Matrix Reloaded in my head where Neo fights all the hundres of Agent Smiths at one time. That must be comparable! But I think that it would take less than 10 to take you down if they just hang on to you. And once you’re on your knees they just keep piling up and you are G O N E …

    I ought to try this with my little cousins…

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