What Happens When You Pop a Water Balloon in Space


With video of them popping the balloons. Too cool!

Experimenters burst water balloons in the low-gravity environment produced aboard a NASA Glenn DC-9 aircraft.

The tests were conducted in part to develop the ability to rapidly deploy large liquid drops by rupturing an enclosing membrane. As can be seen from the experiment footage, the initial rupture process is nearly ideal, but the finite size of the balloon material eventually ejects a spray from the drop surface. Then, when the balloon material leaves the drop entirely, it causes a large deformation of the drop (blob) which oscillates throughout the remainder of the test. Calculations suggest that such oscillations will continue for hours before the drop eventually becomes spherical.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play With Guns

A policeman talking to a class about the dangers of drugs and guns accidentally shoots himself in the foot and then goes on with the talk. Video link here. Listen to the kids when he asks to show them another gun. I have no idea if this is real (although it looks authentic) but it is one of the funniest things I have seen this week. (SFW)
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The video is also available here.

More Tapioca Mr. Greenspan?

The Greenspan/Mr. Magoo comparisons are becoming frighteningly accurate.

From the Hartford Courant:

WASHINGTON — Alan Greenspan and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton clashed Tuesday over rosy surplus forecasts the Federal Reserve chairman relied on to support President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, estimates that turned out to be considerably off the mark.

“It turns out that we were all wrong,” Greenspan conceded at a Senate hearing.

“Just for the record, we were not all wrong, but many people were wrong,” Clinton (D-N.Y.), shot back.

Greenspan lent critical support for Bush’s first-term tax cuts, saying they would stimulate the then-ailing economy. Clinton and many Democrats voted against the tax cuts, arguing that they would mainly benefit the wealthy and that federal deficits would balloon.

Tour of Pixar’s Headquarters


Pictured above are some of their “cubicles”. I am looking around my office right now and thinking I took a wrong turn somewhere in life.

A lot of the animators decided early on that they didn’t want cubicles, so instead, Pixar found these groovy little cottages that they bought for them. Walking through the animation department is like walking through a neighborhood for dwarves. Lots of little houses laid out along “streets,” each one with an address on the door.

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