Haunted Hotel Reviews

Check out the reviews on tripadvisor.com for the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Fond du Lac, WI. They all claim that it is haunted.

Let me start out by saying it’s a great Ramada with clean rooms, and friendly staff. However, in the middle of the night, I heard the sound of someone pulling covers off the other bed. I looked at the other bed in my room, and saw the outline of a head resting on the pillow. I put my hand on it, and it was ICE cold. 30 minutes later, I am woken up again with the sound of footsteps by the bathroom. I get up, and find no one. But wait theres more, I also heard the sound of water from the sink in the bathroom. I got up, and could not find any faucet running. At that point, I just asked whoever was there to please let me have some rest. And the ghost(s) must have been listening, because after that I slept fine. Give it a chance! If you love spacious, haunted hotels, this is for you!!!

(Thanks Anonymous)

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