Unusual Technical Images of Equipment Used in WWII


In the Second World War people at home with loved ones spread far away around the world with the forces were fed a diet, often government backed, of “how it works” or “how we will win” technical information leaflets. Very often these would have contained superb cut away and sectioned diagrams, showing the “insides” or as was said at the time “the works!” of the machines that were winning the war for us!

Banning Abortions of Gay Fetuses

How did I know that this guy was a Republican before I even clicked on the article?

A Republican lawmaker in Maine has introduced a bill to prohibit abortions based on the sexual orientation of the unborn baby.

State Rep. Brian Duprey wants the Legislature to forbid a woman from ending a pregnancy because the fetus is homosexual.

I thought this was crazy but apparently the test to find out if a fetus is gay or not is rather simple. Basically the geneticist makes a karotype and looks for a rainbow colored chromosome. Below is a karotype made from Ellen DeGeneres’ chromosomes.