The Beatles Anomalies List

Picky picky.

A Day In The Life

The middle note (the ‘D’) of the three descending notes after John’s “aaah” is played a little early and quiet, with a backbeat feel that doesn’t match the rest of the playing.

Switch click as the orchestra comes in, orchestra’s volume suddenly doubles at this point (right channel). Maybe this is the introduction of one of the additional tracks of orchestra used to thicken the sound.

1:44-2:16, 3:50-4:19

Mal Evans is heard counting the bars from 1 to 24; only about the first dozen are audible, starting at about three to 12 (left channel). 1:53 “9” and 1:55 “10” stick out quite well, as do 3:51 “4” 3:52 “5” 3:53 “6”.

Right channel – sudden intake of breath.

(via Backwards City)