Worst TV Clips of the Week

The Parents Television Council takes the most salacious tv clips they can find and compiles and links to the smutty parts for our convenience. The thing I don’t get about this….. Wait, let me rephrase. One of the things I don’t get about this is that they are taking the clips from prime time/late night time slots where parents actually have a chance to monitor what their kids are doing and putting them on a website where you can access it whenever you want? Sounds stupid to me but then again, anybody who tries to parent everybody sounds stupid to me.

My Dinner at Applebee’s With White Supremacists

Good article. Funny and scary at the same time.

I decide to infiltrate a white supremacist hate group by posing as an eager new recruit, a new hater, if you will. I want to put a face on extreme hate, to find out the hobbies of haters, what haters find hot and what haters find not. I want to learn what someone in a hate group really loooooooves. Ice cream? Everyone loves ice cream. I love ice cream. Maybe hate groups love ice cream, too?

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Japanese Comics


Over a thousand Japanese comic book covers are scanned on this site.

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Cybexvisine commented on this and I thought it deserved to be on the main page:

these are actually chinese mangas from Hong Kong. my friend just reminded me that these arrived on newsstands in 1970 and were ultra-violent. how violent? law makers were so disturbed that indecency laws were passed in ’75 to censor all printed material (save newsprint). this was an unprecedented reaction in one of the most open-minded british colonies! truth be told, this manga really pushed artists to pump out even more obscene material (and i mean that in a loving way) as they painted more-blood, more-killings, more-diabolic plots…

btw: the title to this particular series is called, “little rascals” and was intended for children. when the indecency law was enacted, Wong Yuk-Long (artist) started his own newspaper just to get these panels out to his audience. how did they respond? this is one of the most popular titles ever reprinted in north america — the original newsprint was full-tabloid sized, not the small comic books we’re familiar with. *thumbs up*

1954 Senate Interim Report – Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency

I guess Superman comics were the Grand Theft Auto of the 50s.

However, there are many who accept the idea of the cause and effect relationship between comic-book reading by children and antisocial behavior. Many judges have pointed to crime and horror comic books and have cited cases of children who have explained their delinquent acts by claiming they got the ideas from such comic books. This kind of evidence is largely discountied by the behavioral scientists, who point out that children can hardly be expected to understand their own behavior, much less explain it. A child may ascribe his behavior to a comic book he has read, but such explanations without substantiating findings can scarcely be considered scientific evidence of causation.