Hehe, I miss programming. Really!

When we created mozilla.org and released (most of) the source code to Netscape Confusicator 4.x, Netscape’s lawyers made us go through a big “sanitization” process on the source code. Largely this consisted of making sure we had the legal rights to all the code we were releasing, and making sure every file had proper and accurate copyright statements; but they also made us take out all the dirty words. Specifically, “any text containing vulgar or offensive words or expressions; any text that might be slanderous or libelous to individuals and/or institutions.”

Star Wars Junk


I actually had the C-3P0 night light. In my defense, I was only seven years old.

I’m not sure how to open this one off — I want to claim that there’s some hidden thread that connects the following forty-thousand miniature reviews of various Star Wars items, but there really isn’t. What you’ll be seeing in just a few moments is…well, it’s just a big pile of Star Wars crap. Figural erasers, wallets, magnets, night lights — things of the household nature. What strikes me immediately here is an understanding why us grew-up-on-Star Wars nuts became so passionate about it: it was everywhere in our lives.

How To Crack a Master Lock Combination


I don’t have one laying around so I can’t try this.

I have decided that it is about time for me to share my wisdom on a grander scale. As with any form of knowledge about how the world works, this skill can be used for good or for evil. I can’t say that I haven’t jacked my friends’ lockers numerous times, or even gotten into things I shouldn’t have, but it’s up to you to decide how you will use this power. There is nothing wrong with the skill itself, nothing dirty or illegal or anything like that. A lock is just a system to experiment on until we, the scientists, figure out how it works. Think of it as a challenge, with a nice reward at the end.