The Gates


From Wikipedia

The Gates is a land art project by Christo and Jeanne Claude. The artists installed 7,500 metal “gates” along 23 miles of pathways in Central Park in New York City. From each gate hung a flag-shaped piece of saffron-colored fabric. The project is scheduled to run from February 12, 2005 through February 27, 2005.

I don’t get it. Can someone please explain to me how hanging flags is considered art? Maybe it looks better when you are there and it doesn’t translate well in pictures but it is just a bunch of orange flags. Twenty million bucks to make Central Park look like a construction site? Whatever.


  1. I imagine it has something to do with some obscure, pretentious idea connected to some obnubilated beliefs to do with the environment, and people working together, and colour.

    Don’t try to figure it out, it’s too highbrow for pedestrians like you and me.
    It’s meant for people with more money than sense to pretend they understand the true meaning of such things and shell out thousands of dollars to patron.
    Better than spending their dollars on those pesky homeless people sleeping in Central Park.

  2. There’s a piece of art in my city…it’s essentially a big pile of rubble that looks like a building collapsed right there and had a fence put around it.

    All that was missing to make it even more uppity was fecal matter smeared in a smiley face.

  3. in all fairness…

    • it’s $20million of his (Christo’s) OWN money. What he does with it is his business. Quit bitching, unless you are doing something grander with your own life.
    • it has brought business to NYC (i heard around $80 million just from tourists being out)
    • it’s brought friends, family, man and beasts, lovers…OUTDOORS! When was the last time a structure about NOTHING did that? – especially in jaded, charred-soul, tourist-hating NYC transplants?

    And to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with the gates myself. Orange PVC frames, and the fabric’s not even cut in SILK. But you know what? As tacky and as simple and as artless as a bunch of orange gates might seem, I personally can’t pull something like this off. CAN YOU???

  4. Yeah, actually, give me 20 million bucks and I am pretty sure I could. I always love when an anonymous coward bitches about others bitching.

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