The Craig’s List Experiment

When I first started reading this I thought there would mostly be freakish answers to the ad but it turns out that most of the reponses are normal and basically just people trying to find someone. This project is more of an exercise in being mean spirited in my opinion.

What range of responses do women get when they post a personal ad online? Perhaps by creating one of my own I could find out…

(via Monkeyfilter)

Kerouac’s 120 Foot Long Manuscript for ‘On The Road’


I had heard about Kerouac using a scroll to hammer out manuscripts but I hadn’t actually ever seen it. His editor must have been thrilled.

The legend behind the writing of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is well known, if not entirely accurate. Fueled by inspiration, coffee and Benzedrine, Kerouac sat down at his typewriter and — in one burst of creative energy — wrote the novel that would make him the voice of his generation in just 20 days, typing it out on a single, 120-foot-long scroll.