1. Hmm Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Tomatoes, Fried Bread, Toast n Jam (jello to yanks) All washed down with a nice cup of Tea.


  2. If you stay away from the deep-fried stuff, you’ll be okay.
    The Brits make good lamb. They’ve also have adopted a lot of Indian cooking, and do that well.
    But they don’t have peanut butter, so bring your own.

  3. Trouble with Pigeon Pie is that you NEED a goodly sized flock of them for a single quality pie… and you get arrested for wandering around the town centre with the ol air gun on pigeon trawls.

  4. Silly me.I was told that there was no peanut butter there, so I brought my own. While there, I never bothered even checking to see if it was available.

    Oh yes, the cheeses are good too. But don’t waste them on deep-fried toast (urgh).

  5. English cooking has improved remarkably in the last 10 years, I’ve noticed. I lived there for a year back in the late 70s when they were first discovering the microwave. Pub food would be boiled to a pasty color, then nuked up hot for you. Bleh. Things are much, much better now.

  6. Oh, and you could get peanut butter there, just a little hard to find. You need to go past the three aisles of peas and look in the back.

  7. Just walk into a Tesco or Asda supermarket (wal-mart !!) and grab someone – ask for peanut butter they’ll take you to it..

    Or if you are an upper-class yank – Sainsbury’s is the place to go – but you dont get much for yer dollar in there – mind you dont get nuch for yer quid either!!!

  8. Oh something else for you.

    While at a Drag race meet I bumped into an american student who was over here studing english.. (he didnt laugh when i said why dont you speak english over there!!) anyway

    He commented on how the bottles of Bud tasted better over here – than they did back home – i told him that it was brewed (under license) in a brewery a stones throw from my home (which was true at the time)

    – not sure where its brewed now as the brewery got took over and they shut it. (but if anyone wants a complete brewery its all still there and ready for action)

  9. The national dish of England today is chicken tikka masala, not bangers & mash or the aptly named “mushy peas”. Still, even traditional English pub grub is more palatable than its Scottish counterpart. Blood sausage, anyone?

  10. British peanut butter is unbelievably crap – only someone who has never tasted north american peanut butter could believe otherwise. Bring your own and bring me some please. Skippy, whatever. They’re all better than the best we have! So as far as an American is concerned WE HAVE NO PEANUT BUTTER!

    Beer, on the other hand 🙂

  11. Oh, and since I am Scottish, “Blood pudding” = “Black pudding” is more of a Northern English speciality, although we do have it, and personally i love it in all its manifestations. NOrthern English versions have large chunks of fat in them. Scottish speciality is, in fact, Haggis, as any Simpsons watcher would know. Chopped up heart and lungs in spiced oatmeal cooked in a sheep’s stomach. Mmmm. Delicious

    Toodle pip

  12. Thanks everyone for your input. I never even thought about the peanut butter situation over there. I hope England at least has Marshmallow Fluff!!

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