GMail Invites Available

I hate the way that Google has made everyone that has gmail into some sort of quasi-carnival barker (“Step right up, get your Free Gmail here”). They would a holder of a gmail account 5 invites every once in a while and now I noticed that I have 50 to give away. My hat is off to google who really has done a great job putting the buzz out on gmail and getting us to work for free in spreading their invitations. My cynical side wants to just not mention it at all but I guess there is still demand out there and I actually like the service so “Step Right Up and Get your Free Gmail Here!”. Send me an email with your name or sobriquet for an invite.


  1. See, I go on vacation for one week and Google introduces something new and cool. I just used it a bit last night but will have a go with it later. thanks Heather.

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