Back From Vacation

I hate January and February in New England with the kind of loathing I keep reserved for murderers, rapists, and minivan drivers. By late January I am just sick of the cold and the snow and by the time February comes around it is just time to get away for a bit. I ended up going to Miami for a few days and then to Vegas. Here are a few things I noticed:

1. There are few things better in life than leaving a frozen Boston and landing in Miami where the temp was about 70 degrees. I felt human for a minute before I realized I was headed back to Boston in a week and the forecasts were for more snow. What the hell am I doing still living in New England?

2. I know now why football teams that play in warm weather cities very rarely beat teams that play in cold weather. Let’s put it this way. My second day in Florida was about 62 degrees and people were running around in sweaters and light jackets. I was practically sweating from the heat.

3. Vegas has to be one of the few cities in the world where the resorts are a mixture of opulence and cheesiness. I stayed at Luxor which is a recreation of a pyramid of Ancient Egypt with a gigantic sphinx in the front of it for goodness sakes yet it was very well done. It is like Vegas takes a cheesy idea and throws so much money into it that you have to be impressed.

4. Everything in Vegas looks so close together and so easy to get to on foot. I learned quickly that this isn’t the case at all. What looks to be a small walk from the MGM Grand to the Bellagio ends up feeling like a 500 block excursion that by the end you feel like throwing yourself under one of the street trolleys except you can’t figure out where the hell the street trolleys ever are.

5. Vegas has no one efficient transport system. I am guessing that this is deliberate to keep tourists in their resorts other then casino hopping but unless you rent a car it is actually difficult to get from point a to point b. You can try to pick up the monorail but it only stops at a few resorts and we had to walk through the labyrinth known as the MGM Grand just to find it. There is a trolley that stops every 30 minutes or so at some of the resorts which is another way to travel if you have exact change and have figured out ahead of time what stop is closest to where you want to go.

Overall I had a great time. We ate at some wonderful restaurants, had some great buffets, gambled a bit (although luck was not on my side so I didn’t gamble as much as normal), etc. One thing I definitely recommend is that anyone who hasn’t landed in Vegas at night really should see that at least once. There is nothing quite like looking down at Vegas lit up in tremendous brilliance and surrounded by a sea of darkness.

It is going to take me a week or so to go through my email and clean out my bloglines so I think I will just throw links up as I come across them. I trust everyone had a good week while I was away?

Oh one other thing. Pats Rule!


  1. nice to have you back! glad you enjoyed your time away. i tried living in florida for a bit, but i missed the change of seasons and really hated those bugs…gargantuan! as you said regarding ‘warm weather/dome football teams’, we are just a hardier group!
    pats rule!

  2. Yes, Chris, you are correct in your belief that the Patriots do, in fact, rule.

    I personally will never ever ever leave New England. Where else can you go and be a professional writer?

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