Bad Star Wars Costumes


I especially like the Boba Fett with the Mandalorian battle shorts.

Okay, I like Star Wars as much as the next person who was a child during the late 70’s/early 80’s, but there are some people who are just a little *too* into it. These people go to conventions. They dress up. Some better than others. I of course choose to share with you the latter group. These are all pictures from a Star Wars convention from a site my co-worker decided would be a good idea to share with me. Now, I share with you.

(via I love his bookmarks!)

I used to believe..


when i was a kid i had a morbid fear of the toilet. i was convinced that there was a vampire living just around the s-bend who would attack me if i spent too long on it, so i’d always go as quickly as possible.

many years later i found out that a good friend used to believe that his body was filled with baked beans. i began wondering if other people had strange childhood beliefs and collected them from my friends and family. the book moved to this website in order to collect beliefs from people all over the world

How To Cut..


Very well written but I love how it is diagrammed.

I have previously discussed the basics of knife selection and use on this web site. In this new article, I present specific methods for cutting various fruits and vegetables. Except where noted, only a chef’s knife or paring knife are used in any of the methods.