Freedoms Tavern, Texas


If you are in Texas and are a Christian Republican (I know, I know, that is redundant), you may want to eat at the Freedoms Tavern.

Freedoms Tavern is more than just a bar restaurant, it is a cause. The philosophy behind the cause is one of promoting capitalism and freedom through organization and information. Our primary focus, besides growing our business, is to win elections for POLITICIANS who promote our philosophy. We want as many people as possible in political power who share the same philosophy as we do. Keeping all of these different viewpoints in one party is not easy in a two party system. Thank goodness the democrats suck as much as they do. Even though they suck they still got 51 million people to vote for them in the last presidential election

If you search for it you may be able to find their menu on the site.

(Found on Metafilter where you should definitely check out some of the comments that were pretty funny.)


  1. Wanna have some fun? Go in there and order Chateaubriand with Bernaise sauce. But you better be armed. But that’s cool, it is Texas.

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