The Canadian Milk Bag


Some time ago I heard from my Canadian friends that milk comes in bags instead of plastic bottles or cartons. Like most things Canadian, the concept seemed bizarre, like how Canada has a picture of a foreign Monarch on its currency or how you can poke fun of Canucks without having to worry about them swearing at you in your comments.

To all of us who are non-milkbag drinking citizens there is now a website to educate us about drinking milk from a sack that remains open and uncovered in the fridge.


  1. Milk comes in bags in Europe, too. You just keep a liter-size jar or bottle in the fridge and refill it from a new bag when you run out.

  2. I’ve had them in the US as well. My elementary school actually served them to us when I was there (late 80’s). I went to school in a small town in southern Indiana.

  3. Biggles: It should be pointed out that one does not refill “from” the bag; one merely replaces the empty bag with a full one.

    Chris: We don’t have bags “instead of plastic bottles or cartons.” Most stores have a full selecton of bags, cartons, jugs and tetrapaks.

    One thing I was surprised not to see on the site was a Snippet. It’s a little thingy that you cut the corner of the bag with. (They just show scissors, which is pure blasphemy.)

    Yes, the bag is left open and uncovered in the fridge. However, the fridge door is usually closed, so that’s not much of a problem. Come to think of it, that might be why milk bags aren’t so common in the States…

    And finally, just so you don’t think you can get away with it in the future: Fuck you, yankee.

    (It’s nice to be noticed, though.)

  4. All over Europe Cardinal?

    Kelly, how did they serve you milk in a bad during elementary school. We had enough trouble trying to open up the damn cartons.

    Telly, the bags look thin. Are they easy to puncture during transporting them from the store to the fridge?

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  6. Chris – I don’t know if it’s all over; I used to live in Hungary and the site has a link (or an intended link) to “Estonian Milk Bags” so maybe it’s just Eastern Europe.

  7. Chris: They gave us pointy straws to stab into the milk bag and then drink through. As you can imagine, we sprayed milk all over the place on a regular basis.

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