Supper With The Stars


Supper With The Stars is an exciting new service to make your party sparkle with an elusive touch of Hollywood glamour. Imagine having your favourite friends round for dinner. What would really make you party go with a bang? All your guests have arrived, now imagine their surprise when a top TV personality walks in and joins the party!

After their jaws have stopped dropping in amazement, your guests will be enchanted by anecdotes and the wit and charm only a professional entertainer can bring. Simply plan your dinner party at your house or apartment, Plan for a maximum of 8 guests to attend, and call us – we will discuss the personalities of your guests and what type of celebrity would most suit your special evening and budget. It’s that easy!

There is a list of “stars” you can choose from and I am using the quotations marks for that term with good reason. I liked the terms of their service.

Fees for each celebrity are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but costs range from £300 – £5,000 for a dinner, depending on the celebrity (assuming that a dinner sitting will last one and a half hours). The fee does not include travel expenses incurred by the guest (which need to be reimbursed separately).

In most cases, celebrities will need advance warning of menus to ensure that food is prepared to their liking.

With prior negotiation, some of the guests will be willing to spend an extended period of time at your dinner, for a scaled increase of fee.

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  1. They are STARS roklobsta!!!

    Actually, most of these stars seem to be D list celebrities from Britain so perhaps someone from there would have at least heard of these “stars”.

  2. Some of them are football stars, like Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks. If you dun follow football (not American football), you are unlikely to have heard of them The others, I have absolutely no idea. :p

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