First They Came For The Smokers

I posted the other day about a company that fired four workers for being smokers, regardless if they did it on their personal time. Now that same company is going after overweight people.

A Michigan health care company that fired four employees for smoking is also targeting fat.

Howard Weyers, the founder of Weyco Inc., said he wants to tell fat workers to lose weight or else, Reuters reported.

Weyers brought in weight experts to speak with employees, according to Reuters. The company also offers employees a $35 monthly incentive for joining a health club and $65 for meeting fitness goals.

But the company isn’t planning to fire employees for unhealthy lifestyle choices, according to a Weyco news release.

“Anyone concerned about limiting employers’ rights to specify terms of employment should know that federal law protects people with conditions like obesity, alcoholism and AIDS. But there’s no right to indulge in tobacco,” the news release said.

Four Weyco employees were fired after the company enacted a new policy this month, allowing workers to be fired if they smoke, even if the smoking takes place after hours or at home.

So the company isn’t planning to fire anybody for unhealthy lifestyle choices (well, except for smokers) but the founder wants employees to lose weight or else? Seems like a very pleasant working atmosphere. The EEOC has a good page about discrimantory practices and I am not sure if the smokers have a chance at a lawsuit although there is a big question about firing somebody because of their weight. In some instances it can be considered a disability and that is something an employer may not fire you for.

What do you guys think?

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Supper With The Stars


Supper With The Stars is an exciting new service to make your party sparkle with an elusive touch of Hollywood glamour. Imagine having your favourite friends round for dinner. What would really make you party go with a bang? All your guests have arrived, now imagine their surprise when a top TV personality walks in and joins the party!

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There is a list of “stars” you can choose from and I am using the quotations marks for that term with good reason. I liked the terms of their service.

Fees for each celebrity are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but costs range from £300 – £5,000 for a dinner, depending on the celebrity (assuming that a dinner sitting will last one and a half hours). The fee does not include travel expenses incurred by the guest (which need to be reimbursed separately).

In most cases, celebrities will need advance warning of menus to ensure that food is prepared to their liking.

With prior negotiation, some of the guests will be willing to spend an extended period of time at your dinner, for a scaled increase of fee.

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