McDonald’s Outsourcing Drive-Through Window

At least they have in one franchise:

You can still order up a Big Mac and fries at the only drive-through McDonald’s in this Eastern Oregon farming town, but you’ll have to go by way of North Dakota.

That disembodied voice directing you to the next window is coming to you live from 1,300 miles away in Grand Forks.

The fast-food restaurant along a busy stretch of U.S. 395 is one of only a handful in the country using a call center designed to speed up service.

McDonald’s owner Lee Adams is lovin’ it, but some customers aren’t so sure.

Adams sees it as an opportunity for his franchises to become friendlier and more efficient — and bring in a lot more business — by freeing up workers to concentrate on making the food, not taking orders.

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  1. Whenever I hear the word ‘outsourcing’ I reach for my revolver.

    (Attention, kindly OHS dudes – I don’t really own any firearms.)

    That out of the way, I can kinda see where it makes sense. I mean, how many times have I seen a counter person harassed and overworked and making errors while handling both walkins and drivethroughs at the same time.

    I suppose it’d be too much to ask for them to hire more help, though.

    And how ’bout a little basic English training while they’re at it. I mean, I don’t expect to have a discussion with a fast-food worker about the Ontological argument, but a lot of ’em don’t seem to know the word ‘large.’ Sheesh.

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