A Short History of the Lobotomy

Starting with Phineas Gage.

AMERICA, 1847: a highly competent and, by all accounts, pleasant manual laborer of Irish extraction named Phineas Gage is involved in rock blasting operations in mountainous terrain. In the course of one sadly uncontrolled explosion, an iron bar is picked up by the force of the blast and driven clean through the front part of his head. Phineas is sent flying, but, to everybody’s surprise, he survives the removal of the protruding bar. As he recovers, however, it is observed that his personality has dramatically changed, though his memory and intelligence remain apparently unaffected. In 1868, a physician named Harlow from Boston writes about him: “His equilibrium, or balance, so to speak, between his intellectual faculties and animal propensities seems to have been destroyed. He is fitful, irreverent, indulging in the grossest profanity (which was not previously his custom), manifesting but little deference for his fellows, impatient of restraint or advice when it conflicts with his desires.” The now extremely rude Phineas Gage is an object of immense medical interest, for it seems clear, from his somewhat crude experience of psychosurgery, that one can alter the social behavior of the human animal by physically interfering with the frontal lobes of the brain.

Wheelchairs For Dogs


I have been building wheelchairs for dogs for over 7 years. About 4 years ago I developed a NEW AND BETTER design to assist dogs that have problems with their hind legs. This is the ORIGINAL design using aluminum tubing, light weight plastic, neoprene rear support and a pneumatic wheel, the lightest on the market. This wheelchair is user-friendly for both you and your pet. Made with durable materials, the wheelchairs will withstand wear and tear under normal conditions.

Pirated Websites

A list of original sites with copycat sites.

The domain was registered in 2000, shortly after a web developer called the “Website Captain” was discovered offering up other developers’ sites in his own portfolio (I’m still searching for the original posts on K10K and Metafilter). It struck us that a site to spotlight pirates such as these could help them come to light, and archiving them could help make them regret it in the long run.