A new breadboard technique.

As luck would have it, I was out of breadboards. At this hour, all of my usual Radio Shack stores were closed, and besides, I had been unable to find any at the last 5 Radio Shacks I had visited. I thought about calling Karl to ask if I could borrow a couple, but his place is about 40 minutes each way, and it was really late. Then I realized that he was probably the reason I hadn’t been able to find any in the area. Out of frustration, I called anyway and hung up after a couple of rings. At least I felt a little better now that we were both awake.

I considered several options for assembling my circuit without a breadboard, but that predrilled board really was a key part to doing this quickly. It was now 2am, and time for an early morning feeding. I raced down the stairs to find a tasty snack. This is where I found the solution to all of my problems. Right there in the second shelf, laying flat beneath the tub of sour cream, was a short stack of 8″ flour tortillas. I popped out the last two of the flat uniform sheets, and threw the packaging in the trash. To one I attached a slice of cheese, rolled it into a tight tube, and consumed it in three very large bites. The other was whisked up the stairs to my work room.