Herold’s War

When soldiers came home from Vietnam they would be cursed at and spat upon. Now we just arrest them.

Pcf. Herold Noel, 25, wasn’t expecting a parade. But when he and his fellow soldiers from the Army’s Expeditionary Unit 37 arrived home from Iraq in Hinesville, Ga. they got what one might call less than a hero’s welcome. Waiting for them as they deplaned were local police officers. In their hands were lists of names of soldiers with outstanding warrants, mostly for traffic and parking tickets left unpaid while off fighting the war.


  1. that article made me very sad. first off, any ‘unpaid parking tickets’ should, at the very least, have been forgiven. secondly, it is wrong that our system is so flawed that these brave and courageous people are forced to suffer like this. it is truly shameful. these soldiers deserve our respect and our gratitude. any chance that our system for these veterans and all veterans will be revamped?

  2. I would be one very pissed off individual if I came home to get arrested. i mean, at least give them a chance to pay! It’s not as if it is some cardinal sin like murder. Sheesh.. my heart goes out to your countrymen.

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